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What is SocialSEO and Rank?

It used to be that the only RANK we had to worry about was a Taxi Rank… nowadays RANK is a bit more complicated than just finding a Cab!

But, working your Social Media networks and your SEO together is the way forward

Here at We ‘Get’ Digital we strongly feel that the way forward is with affordable Social SEO and for businesses to see them as one task. So we are therefore combining them – which also makes it all become an affordable SEO service for everyone.

call us on 020 3730 1785 and we will provide you with a quote tailored to your needs. This is why we don’t quote prices here because everyone is at a different stage and might not require all the elements that make up the service. IT’S UP TO YOU.

What you ‘get’! A Valuable service for your business growth

  • Review and Analysis of your Website

    we will have a good look and dig around your website and report back on what we find and how to improve it

  • Keyword Research

    together we will decide on the absolute best keywords to work on for your business

  • Keyword ranking reports

    showing you where you are ranking for your chosen keywords throughout the campaign

  • Website On Page Optimisation

    this is making sure that the pages on your website can be seen and indexed by the search engines

  • Off Page Optimisation

    this means sending out articles and press releases to other parts of the Internet where your content will also be seen by the ‘robots’ and tell the search engines that you are a great company to list highly in their rankings! We use some of the less traditional, yet still used, channels such as Stumbleupon, Digg etc. They still count!

  • Image and Video Optimasation

    any video or images will also be optimised so that the search engines index them, like them and, therfore, like you. We would possibly need you to provide us with the videos and images but we can help you source them all.

  • Social Media Optimisation

    we will make sure that all your social media is optimised for the search engines. So that they can easily find you and know what your content is about.

  • Social Media Content Marketing

    this is the more traditional social media – blog writing, posting and distributing content and building your community online. We include the more traditional channels here such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc