Analytics Monitoring

“Not everything that counts can be measured. Not everything that can be measured counts” – Albert Einstein

What you ‘Get’ from us for you analytics and monitoring

FIRSTLY … WHY? So that we can all make an educated decision as to the effectiveness of what we are doing, and tweak things accordingly. We must understand where to increase/decrease efforts where necessary to maximise effectiveness.

The afore mentioned quote is further testament to Albert Einstein’s insight into the future and today’s internet marketing (see Community Build quote) and confirms that is is more about people than tools!

IMPORTANT… it is critical that the correct analytics monitoring of your social media and internet marketing activity is in place and referred to regularly – this will inform all your internet marketing decisions moving forward.

WHY? So you can…

  • Track your marketing activity
  • Use the results effectively
  • Manage performance
  • Evaluate and improve
  • Build your success and multiply your impact

Analytics monitoring the marketing activity of your social media and content strategy is essential to make educated decisions about the next steps.

Google analytics is totally FREE

The trick is, setting it up and then using Webmaster tools in order to structure your website correctly and then also use the ‘best bits’ to inform you. Digging down you can tell Google just what you want them to know about your website and pages and they, in turn, will give you a high ranking on their search engine.

You can also use the information to see what terms people are typing in to find you. What the best terms are and where people are coming from.


Know who your audience are and where they are coming from. Age groups, location etc. All this can inform you to make the best decisions moving forward about future content for your website and social media. All of this will enable you to create the best content strategy for your business and, more importantly, for your clients.