Business X-Factor – what???

Let me explain… after many years of knocking around in bands and, in a former life, trying to “make it” as an artist in the highly competitive industry that is the music business, I have lately come to realise something…. starting your own business is pretty much like starting a musical band. Really!!

Top Of The Pops

Let’s assume that you want to have a Top 10 hit record, of course you do.

Let’s also assume that you want to build a Grammy award winning , multi platinum album selling rock super group with worldwide adulation and houses in every country, of course you do!

Just the kind of dreams and ambitions you have when you start your own business.

But actually the similarities are many fold.

Firstly, just like a band, you need to be a leader, someone capable of pulling it all together and keeping everyone in line.

You will need an ideas person, the one who comes up with products or services your business offers. This guy is your songwriter, or maybe you will all collaborate and come up with your hit ideas. Either way can work.

Then, most importantly, you need the musicians, the guys, or gals, who will make the great music come alive. Or maybe you’re a one-man-band, strumming, hitting and plucking your way through the business world, trying to keep all your musical balls in the air. Beginning to see the Business X-Factor take shape?

Great ideas need great marketing

So, now you have some great tunes and some awesome musicians to play them, now what? (Don’t forget that we’re not actually forming a band here, just using the analogy, before you get too carried away!)

Ok, we need to market these awesome songs and promote this amazingly talented band, otherwise what’s the point? So, we are going to need a manager (actually this will probably be YOU!), a PR person, a merchandising expert or a marketing guru, a salesman, a finance controller and so on and so on.

Plus, and I almost forgot a major player here, your roadies and tech crew. Where would we be as a band without the guys to hump the gear around, set up the stage and make us sound and look amazing?

Pretty daunting isn’t it?? But don’t get too panicked. Your band can grow after all, The Beatles cut their teeth trucking around the UK and Europe in a Transit van playing in tiny, smoky clubs before they grew in to the most famous group in the world with an army of helpers and managers around them. So it’s ok to start small max grow your business to a level you are comfortable with, maybe that’s superstardom or maybe it’s just being a star in your own neighbourhood, either is fine.

Plan, plan, plan

But whatever route you want your band to take (don’t forget we’re still in analogy land!) and however big or small you want to be, you must plan and set goals.

Behind every awesome and talented superstar is a well-planned and well executed business strategy to get us to where we want to be, and then to stay there.

So, let’s get this show on the road to get your Business X-Factor!!