To be honest, it is literally what it ‘says on the tin’ – automating things so you don’t have to do them and integrating different tools and software to enable the automations.

At the end of the day it’s about saving time (and therefore money) and becoming more productive and effective in your daily work life. And that’s a ‘must’

Efficient Networking Contact Management

Let me explain. I will use the example that I always talk about for networking connection business cards. Those business cards that are piling up on your desk and you never get around to logging. Or even sorting out a system or place TO log them!

This is what I do when I meet someone new at networking; it’s about getting their business card details into my CRM (Client – or Customer – Relationship Management) system and making an appointment for a one to one. I have things set up so that I can automatically send out an email to get an appointment to meet for a 1:1 by only taking a photo of the business card!

  1. I take a photo of the business card via a contacts app on my phone.
  2. The details are transcribed along with a pre-set tag that I add – i.e. “Business Woman met Networking General” (I have other specific tags for my regular networking meetings)
  3. These details are automatically sent to a web-based integration tool (I use Zapier – there are quite a few around check out… .
  4. The Integration tool ‘interprets’ the data and then matches it to the data in my CRM (client relationship management) system, which I have pre-set.
  5. The data is then sent to my CRM system where it recognises the tag that I created, and it adds this tag to the contact.
  6. My system is set up to then trigger an automation by sending out an email to this contact.
  7. In that email, which is personalised, I say that it was lovely to meet, but hard to chat at these type of networking meetings. It would be great to meet for a one to one. I have a link to my appointment booking system (which is automatically kept up to date through an automation from my calendar) so that my new contact can book an appointment with me to meet, either in person or online.
  8. I have also set it so that if they DON’T click on the link then they get an email to remind them.
  9. I DO tell everyone that this is what is going to happen when they hand me their card. I also ask if it’s okay to do so. Just a bit of
  10. I can also set my system to then send out follow up emails and just keep in touch with my contact.

As you can see, something like this has a powerful impact on my business and saves a lot of time. Not only that, it means that I grow my list and can communicate swiftly in the way I want.

Digital set up takes time and is not a quick job but…

All of this takes some time and planning. There are so many ways in which you can automate some of your most laborious tasks by finding and setting up the right processes.

I won’t say it’s an easy thing to do, however once you have mastered the idea of it and researched and set everything up, it saves you SO much time over and over and over again. Not only that but you can spend time on getting your communications RIGHT. And this is critical.

There are too many variants to cover them all in one blog but if this just raises awareness to the fact that you actually can automate so many jobs that are taking you a lot of time. And even, do things that you never get round to doing. Then at least you can now research and get more of an idea of what to do.

We can help you set things up and discuss what would best suit your business and way of working.

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Carol Verity

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