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We Get Digital – FAQ’S Website Builds & SEO

What platform do you build websites on?2020-05-10T17:01:27+01:00

We mainly use WordPress as we find this to be the most versatile, flexible and manageable platform. Many of our clients find WordPress easy to maintain when they want to change an image or add some text once their site is built.

We also build customised (coded) websites if required.

Do I need to supply all the words and photos for my website?2020-05-10T17:01:41+01:00

In most cases yes. Unless agreed in advance, you will give us access to all of the images you want on the site and we require all words (copy) in WORD format. We always work closely with clients to advise on content and will assist wherever we can.

Can you host my website?2020-05-10T17:01:51+01:00

Yes, we can! We have our own, powerful, UK based servers and offer competitive rates for fast and secure hosting.

How much will my website cost?2020-08-26T16:05:37+01:00

This is very much like “how long is a piece of string” unfortunately! It’s very hard to quote an accurate price for a new website until we know the full scope of the work required and how long we estimate the job to take. But you can visit this page to see more about the cost and what you get for your Website investment.

We Get Digital are highly competitive price-wise, and we have some fantastic 5-Start reviews from many satisfied customers. REVIEWS

Do I have to pay upfront for a website?2020-05-09T16:57:17+01:00

No. We spread the cost of your new website over 3 payments, but we are happy to extend these terms a little if that helps, please ask.

What happens once my new site is finished?2020-05-10T17:05:02+01:00

Your website will be 100% yours (providing full payment has been made) but we are happy to help you manage and maintain the site moving forward. We have a very comprehensive and affordable maintenance and management service, ask us for details!

Will I be involved in the website design & build?2020-05-10T17:05:16+01:00

Yes, of course! We want you to be very involved in the whole process, it is YOUR website after all! We always work very closely with our clients. We will keep you up-dated on progress and have live meetings (usually over Zoom or in-person if suitable) to check progress and discuss design etc.

How long is a website build?2020-05-10T17:05:35+01:00

It really depends on the complexity of the website and whether you have all of the copy and images ready, this last bit often holds up the launch of a new website.

Can I add images and copy to my site once it is live?2020-05-10T17:05:53+01:00

Yes. Our websites are very user-friendly in the back-end dashboard area. We can show you how to add images or amend any copy. But please note, any major work or additions would have to be carried out by an experienced web developer or someone with the relevant skills.

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