Connecting Google brand pages to Google Maps, At last… Google business is beginning to get it right!

Google Plus is (was?) so confusing!

Up until now it has been so confusing.

Google plus local pages and Google + brand pages were to never meet each other. They were two separate entities and many many companies unwittingly ended up with both.

So, the scenario is, as it was with We Get Digital, if you set up a brand page a while ago with Google + you had a good presence with this and some followers.

All of a sudden you could have a local page. Google places. You could verify your location and business and get reviews and have a stronger local presence on the Internet and Google. Great! But what about the brand page? They just didn’t work together or speak to each other and, it seemed, for a while that never the twain would meet!

You had to make a decision which page to ‘work’ – the local google+ page or the brand google+ page. We decided that it wouldn’t hurt to just post to both (with our social media dashboard Hootsuite) and just wait for Google to sort their act out, which, ultimately we knew they would. And they have.

Get your verified data from your local Google + page onto your brand google page

What you can now do is transfer your verified data from your local page to your brand page. Reviews, verification, address information and the Map pin will be literally “transplanted” to the Brand page.

So now your brand page can have all the verified information AND, probably more importantly, your hard earned reviews (still waiting for Google to make it easier for people to find how to add a review on the company page rather than through their local search!).

Please do understand that this isn’t a merge of the two pages but you can now transfer the local data from an existing local page that you have gone to the effort of verifying and building up, over to a Brand page that then becomes the verified Local Page.

What this doesn’t allow:

This is not a solution for multi-location businesses to link a single brand page with multiple locations. Also you must verify your Local page before you can transfer the information from it to your brand page.

What moves from the existing Local Plage:

  • Reviews
  • Local Verification Pin
  • Map Information
  • Address information

What it doesn’t move:

  • Local Page custom URL
  • Local Cover photo
  • Local Page followers
  • Local Page circles
  • Local Page posts

If you have responded to any of your reviews these responses are not transferred over so you will have to copy them across.

What stays the same:

Posts, custom URLs, followers and circles from the existing Brand page will stay intact as will those settings on the Local page.

What does the Brand Page lose?

Brand page features (Story, Tagline and links) will no longer exist on the page.

How to connect your Local Google plus page to your Brand Google pages

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