Internet Marketing Services & Online Marketing Support  With Coffee & Croissants!

Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing Services & Online Marketing Support With Coffee & Croissants!

Online Marketing Support

It is a very confusing world out there in business. Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation the internet marketing world is still a minefield and still very much in it’s infancy.

How do you navigate this minefield?

Carefully would be the correct answer to that analogy!

With over 30 years of digital marketing experience in business  and communicating digitally, the We Get Digital team are well positioned to really get to grips with your business and profive you with Internet Marketing Training and support.

Specialising in

Small Business Marketing Support

we can help you get your business noticed and indexed on the search engines.

One of the important internet marketing services we offer is…

Set up and branding of the relevant social networks

A co-ordinated ‘look’ and message for your company in all the places you are active online

WHY? So that your brand becomes powerful and recognisable. We all like to identify with who we are doing business with and we are always drawn to, and feel comfortable with, a clear, strong identity.

Sell – Grow sales (through wider distribution to customers you can’t service offline or perhaps through a wider product range than in-store, or better prices)

Serve – Add value (give customers extra benefits online: or inform product development through online dialogue and feedback)

Speak – Get closer to customers by tracking them, asking them questions, conducting online interviews, creating a dialogue, monitoring chat rooms, learning about them

Save – Save costs – of service, sales transactions and administration, print and post. Can you reduce transaction costs and therefore either make online sales more profitable? Or use cost-savings to enable you to cut prices, which in turn could enable you to generate greater market share?

Sizzle – Extend the brand online. Reinforce brand values in a totally new medium. The Web scores very highly as a medium for creating brand awareness, recognition and involvement.

Internet marketing services for your small business is critical. Get your keywords, website, internet strategy and plan right and your business will reap benefits.