how to beat corona virus boredomCorona Virus Boredom (Covid-19) Business Lockdown

Check out our hints and tips for corona virus boredom! What can we do? So, we are all in Corona virus lockdown.

With a small business to run and money to make, how are we going to cope with isolation and how can we best make use of our time during these unprecedented circumstances?

Some of us are lucky that our business is pretty much based on-line and we can do a lot of our work without leaving the office. But for many others, especially those forced to self-isolate, then the working day will be hugely disrupted, and business is bound to suffer.

So what can we do to work ON our business during these times and ease the corona virus boredom in the process?

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you keep some positivity going surrounding your business and stop you from going completely stir-crazy and having corona virus boredom during the Covid-19 crisis!

Stockpile Some Good Blog Content

If we are honest, we have all had moments in the past when we have wanted to create some juicy content for our business blog but have just not had the time to set aside to write anything, we hear it all the time!

Well now, guess what, you have no excuses! Why not commit to writing one blog a day during the crisis period, not only keeping your website and social media up-to-date but also creating a “Blog Bank” for the future?

Let’s Zoom! (Or Skype etc.)

Can’t make that important client meeting or regular networking event? … do it online instead! There are some fantastic tools available (and most are free) that enable us to hold multi-person meetings on-line, with video, audio and screen sharing options.

Our personal favourite is which is a cloud-based video & audio-conferencing platform, affordable and easy to set-up and use.

But there are other platforms, like, or, all of which do similar things so check them out and see which suits you best.

Learn New Skills

Why not use some of this enforced time to learn a new skill or tool that will help you in your business?

Again, we often don’t have the luxury of time to get to grips with new advances in technology or learn a new skill that will benefit us, in business and personally and we feel this is a great tip to beat corona virus boredom.

The internet comes into its’ own here, with some fantastic on-line tutorials and courses available for you to use at your leisure.

Learn a new digital skill, improve your marketing prowess, get a professional certification in your industry, all of these can be done over the internet. For inspiration have a look at, or our very own digital learning platform There are literally thousands of topics you can learn about, what a great use of our time!

Get Your Admin and Accounts Up to Date

Ok, this is an obvious one, nevertheless, it is a nice feeling when we are on top of our business admin and our tax return is ready to go! Maybe not the most scintillating way to pass the corona virus Covid-19 days away but still a great use of some spare time.

Sort out your SEO!

Well, we would advocate that wouldn’t we. Seriously, take this opportunity to really challenge yourself and learn about how to sort out your SEO. Download our guide about ‘How to Think Like a Search Engine‘ and this will really help get you started.

Take Some Time to Chill and Reflect

Having some down-time to just think and plan is a real luxury. Usually, our headspace is limited with all of the day-to-day stuff that is going on with our work and personal life so some quiet time to reflect and strategise on our business can be a real bonus.

Hopefully this virus will be behind soon and we can once again go about our daily business lives in our normal manner, meanwhile let’s try and make the most of a bad situation and turn some of the negatives into a positive.

Get Your Website Up to Date

This may seem like an obvious one for us to say but ‘I need to update my Website but don’t have the time’ is something we hear a lot! So, we are urging businesses to use this time wisely and sort out their Websites.

Digital Housekeeping

This is the time to do this because your competitors won’t be! We are so willing to just have a chat and see whether we can give you any hints and tips. We are around!

Call us – 020 3730 1785

and see if we can point you in the right direction.

ABOVE ALL – Stay safe and well!