Social Media and SEO are no longer isolated.

The search engines are now taking your social activity into account for your ranking as this is the best way that they can determine human intervention and how much you know about your topic of expertise.

You need to consider very carefully what you are doing and writing and the keywords you want to use – or indeed should be using.

You need to be consistent.
You need to have a plan.
You need to have a strategy.
Above all, you need to be monitoring what you do so that you can inform your decisions moving forward for the next month’s activity.

The very first thing that you need to know are the keywords you want to be ranked for. Our keywords, for example are:

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Front End SEO: Social Media Content and Distribution

Back End SEO: Tags and Code

This is why we have recently created our SEO Social Media Integration programme for our clients.

Contact us for more information and a full breakdown of our SEO social media integration and a bespoke quote.