Business Internet security
is yours up to date?!

Are you GDPR compliant
as a small business?

What is GDPR?

Go from being 95% vulnerable to 95% secure!*

ANTI VIRUS – Managed Antivirus  – We make sure it’s installed, updated and scheduled scans run regularly to keep you safe from people hacking your computers and mobile devices.

EMAIL SECURITY –  Stay off the spam lists, so your email reputation is maintained. We interface your emails with extra filtering protection so you don’t get, or give viruses!

INTERNET BROWSING – Web Protection – keeps you and your employees safe in case they access any website which may be infected with malware – it won’t reach your device!

DEVICE SECURITY – Intrusion monitoring & protection at all times. We get warnings! We are notified when new vulnerabilities are discovered giving us the chance to act swiftly and keep all our customers secure.

DATA PROTECTION – We regularly monitor the type of data you keep on your devices 24/7 so that we can protect it appropriately. Data Breach Intelligence – we will keep you compliant with the ICO and data protection regulations. If you haven’t already, you need to register with the ICO!

PROTECTION ON THE MOVE – Mobile Device protection and management – the most powerful computer we own also needs security – keep your phones and tablets safe! If you phone gets lost or stolen, we will remotely wipe the device to keep data out of any criminal hands. Please ensure you have your data always backed up

BACKUP – Backup Audit & Monitoring – we review your backup system and policy – if you don’t have one we will advise! We will make sure the backup has run, and that we can restore from it, should we need it, by regularly testing it.

COMPLIANCE – We will give you the latest advice to remain fully compliant with the required regulatory bodies according to your business industry.

WORDPRESS SECURITY – we will implement the latest security protection on your WordPress website and monitor for any potential attacks.

And we don’t just do this with machines!

The human monitoring behind the automation is critical!

Someone needs to find and press the right buttons to make it all happen in the right way. This is what we do!

Unlimited support (remote or on-site) – we are just a phone call away.


Solopreneur – up to 3 devices (typically PC, laptop & mobile)

SETUP £147 – one off fee

Monthly ongoing security: £75 per month

SME – 2-10 users (3 devices per user)

SETUP £197 – one off fee

Monthly ongoing security: £75 pcm per user

Discounts available for over 10 users: call us for a customised quote

* 100% security doesn’t exist… but you can certainly get close and we perform everything to best practice professional industry standards. Complying with uptodate GDPR and other regulations.

We’re Here To Help Your Business STAY SAFE

Business today is all about SECURITY… we are managed security service providers

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