You have a website and you have a company Facebook page and even a Twitter account too, you add the odd post to Facebook and you occasionally tweet about an industry event that you went to or a great new product that you now sell, you may even have invested some time and effort into your LinkedIn profile.

All good stuff. But your headers and image are all wrong and you don’t really know how to use it all properly. You don’t know how to pull it all together to make it work for your business and you really don’t have time to devote to all that tweeting and bleating….. Sound familiar?

We are here to help you get the most out of your business’s on-line presence, to help you attract more customers, get more sales leads and grow your company with a social media make over!

Trinny and Susannah?

Our Social Media Make-Over is just that, we are the Trinny & Susannah of the digital marketing world! We take your scruffy old internet togs and give them the ‘We Get Digital’ treatment and show the world the new, classy and modern you… fully equipped to take the business world by storm and re-launch your company on the social networks.

We can seriously help your business to have the best on-line presence possible, and we can teach you how to manage that presence efficiently and effectively. It’s surprisingly easy when you know how and takes a lot less time than many people think to maintain a robust and successful internet marketing campaign, you just need the tools and the know how to make it all work, simple.

The Nuts and Bolts

So, what exactly will we do for your business and how much will it cost?

Firstly we will talk to you, we will look at what you currently do to market your business on-line and we will advise you where we think you could improve things and where we could possibly help you… free of charge, gratis and for nothing.

Next step is to produce a plan of action depending on what we find and what your business NEEDS. All businesses are different and what may suit one may not suit another, so we produce a social media marketing plan tailored to your own company needs. This we will give you a quote for and will depend on the level of work involved. For example, how many social platforms do you need to be on? Do we need to brand your company pages? How many LinkedIn showcase pages will your business benefit from? Should you have some videos produced? Is your website ready to deal with all this exciting new marketing activity?

All Looking Good

Once you have all of your social media marketing platforms in place, all looking great and branded to match your company look and feel, we will help you to come up with a simple but effective strategy to actually USE all of this new technology. We will show you how to create great content and how to find the right “tone of voice” to use on-line, something that suits your company style and personality, and also how to use some fantastic tools that are out there to help you collate all of your marketing messages and posts in a time effective way.

We will help you over the first few months to create and post good content, to tweet and engage on Twitter, to interact effectively on LinkedIn and generally hold your hand whilst you promote your business on any relevant social media channel.

Once this is all happening we will show you how to simply monitor and measure your marketing activity so that you can see where your efforts are producing results and where they are not.

An Integrated Marketing Approach

Marketing on-line is no different from any other form of marketing as it requires proper planning, consideration and some creative input and, indeed, must always be integrated with any off-line advertising that your company does. Social media needs to be set-up properly, integrated into your daily marketing efforts and will soon bring results. But it is not a “quick fix”, it takes time to build a solid presence on-line and to do so needs regular posting and engagement, but don’t worry, it isn’t nearly as onerous and time consuming as many people think and the rewards can be awesome!

Let “We Get Digital” hold your company’s hand and guide you through the social media minefield to a brave new world of business success.

Contact us now for  FREE no obligation review of your current social media marketing activities!