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About Us

We are a very small, home-based digital marketing and website building business but we've been around doing what we do for a long time - we just don't want to work in a big office and like to be in control of our own time! All we want to do is provide web services for small businesses and give them powerful platforms on the Internet

What we understand about web services for small businesses

Clients want optimized and efficient delivery of website and digital services (and products), without adding complexity of the business interaction. They want people with experience working on tasks, without having to manage all those people and the potential places where they overlap with each other.

Which is why we help small businesses like us.

We fully understand the challenges and requirements of web services for small businesses. Especially in today’s fast-paced and competitive world. The trick is to keep it simple, keep it clear and keep it going! We have been socially active on the internet since 1996 (haven’t yet sought help for this… but maybe we should?) – that said we have hung out and built many relationships online and reaped the benefits of this, both personally and professionally. Which is what it’s all about, at the end of the day!!!!!

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We get Digital

In Brief... About Us

Our experience in this digital industry has been nurtured and fed for many years now and we have supported and helped many small business professionals find their feet in a very confusing terrain; the internet.

Not only do we have the experience but this is backed up by the necessary academic qualifications and testimonials.

So, if you require a truly experienced, fun and passionate team to help you ‘get’ digital, you are on the right page!

Here’s what a few other people say about We Get Digital…

  • “Thanks to “We get Digital” for successfully fulfilling a narrow creative brief to design my website. I am most pleased with the result, the complicated links and connecting it into Google Analytics. And I felt we achieved this through a two way partnershship with good communication. Highly recommended.” Jamie Baker, Managing Director, “The Clear Minds”

  • “The wegetdigital team understand how marketing works from doing it effectively for years. They also understand how social media can be a cost effective tool to integrate into an effective digital marketing strategy because that’s what they do themselves. A powerful proposition in this digital age. Highly Recommended.” Dave Clarke, CEO, NRG Business Networks

  • “I have been working as an eLearning consultant for the WeGetDigital team for several months now. The rapid growth of this small company is due, in part, to the hard work and high energy that they bring to any project. They are providing a much needed service to small businesses wishing to have an effective eCommerce presence on the web. I recommend wegetdigital to any company that is interested in growing their business using the World Wide Web.” Dr. Anthony Basiel, British Council – eLearning Consultant, Adobe Enterprises

  • “We Get Digital personifies the new business creed of random, open and supportive. They are SO knowledgeable, personable, detailed and generous. The company could not have been more supportive in educating a Marketing Director in ‘what this means for business’ and introducing me to her most precious network of industry leading experts built up over many years. I look forward to a long term totally trustworthy relationship. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.” Mark Jeffery – Director; Origen Private Equity Group PLC 

  • “These guys are a delight to work with and offers true value within the online / e-marketing and social media space. Not only are they highly knowledgeable with these areas, they have a proven track record as well. On a personal level, I’m not sure you’d meet a friendlier team whose gift for providing ‘nice touches’ is second to none.” Mark Lennox, Founder, Only Marketing Jobs

  • “We Get Digital are a wonderful and rare breed in the digital marketing space: they know marketing, they know design and they know how to bring in the revenue. They have a 360 degree perspective, they are emotionally evolved and are an asset to any business in a myriad of ways. Oh, and they are lovely to work with.” Al Tepper, Head of Digital, EMP PLC