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What makes a GREAT DESIGNER? The ability to create something that works visually on many levels.

It is our standard criteria that the designers at We Get Digital have degrees in Visual Communication.

Why? Visual Communication is what commercial art is all about. We are commercial artists.

Our logo has been through a few manifestations before we arrived at what we have today and are really happy with.

We love working on logos – let us help you with yours.


Branding is all about eminating what you are about – a visual taste of you, your essence. What is at your core and the core of your business?

What do you want to be known for and remembered for?

To get your branding right you need to dig deep and brainstorm a lot. It’s not just a colour and a symbol. It’s about ‘why’ that colour and ‘why’ that symbol.

And then putting it all together in a mission statement and a vision for your business. That will then feed your logo design so that people ‘get’ you and you feel comfortable in your own ‘business’ skin.


Further to your branding and to reinforce it across everything you do, you must ensure that you have carefully thought out and

branded headers for all your social media channels.

You need to ensure that the message is ‘tweaked’ for each audience and demographic you are trying to reach.

Your message, for example, for your YouTube channel may be totally different to the one for your Facebook page or group. Visually it may be similar but the overall message may be a bit different.

We can help brainstorm and create your suite of graphics across all your online presence.


One of the most time-consuming activites in creating a website can be image manipulation. Getting images the right size and not too ‘heavy’ so that your website is always as fast as it can be.

3 Top Tips for Images on your website

  • Reduce the size of your images so that they are the right size to fit where you want them to go.
  • Make sure that they are named correctly with your keywords so that they are also indexed on Google.
  • Optimize all images so they are as light as they can be. By this we mean low bytes! Anything over 100kb is getting big.

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