WordPress maintenance and management

WordPress maintenance and management
for Healthy and Secure Websites

WordPress maintenance and management is one of the most critical things you can do once you have launched your WordPress website. This is essential for security & and a healthy website.

Code is code – technology changes more often than you have to change a baby’s nappy! So, if you don’t update your website regularly you will be left behind. More importantly, hackers will love you and want to get into your website to place their lovely malware on it and mess up your business. Not that they are looking to mess up your business… they are looking to hack into your visitors’ computers.

A WordPress website is made up of core code, which is the WordPress platform. The coding of the theme. Then you have the coding of all the plugins you may have added to make your website do what you want it to do.

You have to be SO careful when adding a plugin. Make sure it’s a reputable one and updated regularly. Then you MUST update it regularly too.

People (hackers) aren’t actually interested in your website. In fact, they don’t care about your website at all. They don’t hack websites to ruin someone’s business. So why do hackers hack websites?

Mainly in order to get into your visitor’s computers! It’s all about money and they are looking for bank details or access to some kind of financial gain.

When someone visits a hacked website, if they haven’t got a ‘malware blocker’ on their computer then this could potentially flag up to the hackers that they have a vulnerable user on one of their hacked sites. They have all sorts of clever ways of knowing this.

At this point they will then try and get into the ‘vulnerable’ visitor’s computer and find information to gain access to money.

It’s as simple as that. This is the main reason for website hacking. There are others but, whatever the reasons, you want to protect your visitors and the best way to do this is keep your website as secure and as up to date as you possibly can.

Yes, of course you can. But you have to:

a) remember to do it almost daily

b) be confident that if there is a code conflict that you can sort it out quickly

c) have daily backups so that if anything goes wrong with the updates (which they can) you can revert and restore your website easily

Having professional WordPress maintenance and management is like an insurance policy for your website.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not promise that your website will never be hacked or be totally impenetrable – even the most secure of secure websites can be hacked as we know – however, we do promise that we will do all we can to make sure your site is as protected as it can be.



You MUST always ensure your website is healthy and optimised or

you could lose everything including search engine rankings!

  • Don’t lose your website! Update, Backup and maintain the code – hackers love out of date code…
  • Keep the site code and functions updated and fully optimised
  • Keep database and spam comments clean and deleted
  • Protect your website against unexpected events – back up!
  • Deal with any minor website-related issues when they arise
  • WordPress maintenance and management is critical

We also suggest…



WordPress developers are updating and improving the code and functions within WordPress themes all the time. Most of these updates are free and some are critical for security and speed.

You need to keep your entire website updated for optimum functionality at all times. Please note that NO website is 100% secure… but you can do things to keep it as secure as possible.

If not updated problems and severe security issues can arise on your website – especially if there is an incompatibility between one bit of code and another. Be aware… this can happen!

What does this mean?


WordPress Maintenance & Management Programme

Peace of mind and insurance all in one.

We will provide you with full maintenance & management for your WordPress website

from as little as £75 per month

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