We are often asked by clients what is a blog, and, more often, why should they write them. Here is a little insight into blogs and their importance to a small business.

Many small business owners are confused as to why they should take valuable time out of their busy schedule to become authors and put pen to paper, or mouse to screen, and write about themselves or their industry. To many it is a bit of a mine field.

So, in an effort to dispel some of the myths around blog writing and the reasons for doing so, here are a few bullet point tips as to why, how and when you should blog. This written more with the business owner in mind rather than a personal blogger.

  1. Q) What IS a Blog?

A Blog is a shortened term for “Weblog”. Definition: …. a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. A blog is basically a short article written on your website, either a stand alone piece or as part of a series, often relaying day-to-day experiences or imparting knowledge, particularly around your industry or hobby.

  1. Q) Why should we blog (for our business)?

Writing a regular blog for your business website has two main benefits. Firstly, the search engines love the fact that new content is being added to your website and this really helps to get you up the search engine rankings. Secondly it is a fantastic way of informing your customers, and prospective customers, about your business and your products or services, about your experience and standing in your industry and blogging can be a great way to offer advice and information to your audience, making you really stand out from your competitors.

  1. Q) What should I blog about?

Anything really! Well, anything that is relevant to you or your business. Many people make the mistake that their blogs have to be very specific to their own business or personal experience but this is not really the case. A blog can be informative, or entertaining and, particularly in business, it can be promotional too, but be careful here. Too much self-promotion can have a negative effect, but used sparingly and cleverly it can be a great way to advertise your business on the web.

  1. Q) How often should I blog??

This really depends on a number of factors; how much time you have, how much do you like writing, is there plenty of good subject matter out there for your industry… etc etc.

But my advice would be that however often you are able, and willing, to commit to writing a blog, do it regularly and SUSTAIN it! Even if you blog just once a month, over time that will build into a valuable pot of content that will serve your on-line reputation well.

Happy blogging!

Mike Sebbage